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• Insulative Sheathing Fastener • House Wrap Fastener TRI-BUILT® PRE-ASSEMBLED PLASTIC CAP Average Resistance (lbs) Smooth Shank Annular Grooves 1/2″ Plywood 81 155 3/4″ Plywood 99 224 2″ Pine Boards 67 190 PULLOUT RESULTS (AVERAGE) • Base Sheet Fastener • Structural Sheathing Fastener • Radiant Barrier Fastener

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This could be sealed drywall or sealed sheathing such as the Zip system. For Zone 5, the IRC and IECC recommend minimum R-5 foam sheathing for 2×4 walls and R-7.5 for 2×6 walls. Remember that these are minimums – the greater the R-value of the foam the better, as this creates a warmer wall cavity with less condensation.

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Zip R-3 - $40, R-6 - $50, R-9 - $60, R-12 - $70. I needed just over 100 sheets, so I spent $3,000 extra on sheathing, but that comes up to only about $300 more total compared to buying separate sheets of rigid insulation board.

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Grace PERM-A-BARRIER Primer Plus Y Y Y Y Grace Perm-A-Barrier® Low Temperature Wall Membrane Y Y Y Y Grace PERM-A-BARRIER® WALL FLASHING Y Y Y Y Henry Blueskin SA Y Y Y Y Y Henry Permax 2.0 Foam Insulation Y Y Y Y Insulated Concrete Forms Y Y Y Y Y ISO Quad Max Y Y Y Y JM EPDM R 75 mil Y Y Y Y

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Henry Air‐Bloc 32MR Liquid Emulsion Air/Vapor Barrier Membrane 2. Grace Perm‐A‐Barrier® VP Vapor Permeable Air Barrier 3. Carlisle® Barriseal‐R 4. Tremco ExoAir™ 120 SP 5. Tremco ExoAir® 230 6. Sto Gold Coat® 80265 Waterproof Fluid‐Applied Membrane 7.

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1 PROSOCO R-GUARD Air & Water Barrier Systems Air & Water Barrier Systems for sheathing and CMU back-up walls com Prevent the leakage of air, water & energy through the building envelope Primary Air & Water-Resistive Barriers Joint and Seam Treatments Penetration and Transition Treatments

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High R-values, as much as R-6.5 per inch. Thicknesses up to 4 inches, and lengths to 30’ (dependent on thickness.) Vapor barrier performance with closed cell foam structure to stop vapor drive for any climate. Fiberglass reinforced foam core for durability on the jobsite and beyond.

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ZIP CODE RANGE PRODUCTS ... Protecto Wall PW-100r PW 100/40. Protecto Shield AVM Sheathing 48″ AVM 1/2 Sheathing 48″ AVM 5/8 Sheathing. ... AIR & VAPOR BARRIERS ...

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Dec 22, 2014 · Between the siding and the sheathing is a suitable weather resistant barrier (asphalt felt, house wraps). This style of sandwiched wall design is known as a “redundant barrier” system; the siding being the first barrier and the underlying WRB they other.

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Key Features and Components of ZIP System® Sheathing and Tape 1. High quality structural sheathing panel made of engineered wood delivers strength and durability. 2. Built-in vapor permeable water-resistive barrier eliminates the hassles of house wrap and felt.

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When Huber’s ZIP System Sheathing is utilized for roof applications, felt underlayment are not required. In wall and roof coverings system requiring multiple layers of water‐resistive barriers or underlayment, ZIP System is intended to replace on the first layer.
Sealing the foam at the seams with plastic tape creates a vapor and an air barrier. plastic tape 3/4” hard foam insulation R-4 to R-8 outside sheathing (1/2” exterior plywood 3/4” hard foam insulation R-4 to R-8 batt insulation R-15 ceiling joist 2x6” ceiling joist rim 2x6” double top plate 2x6” outside sheathing (1/2” exterior ...
The OSB is on the exterior side of the polyiso with ZIP-R and in US climate zone 2 (Conroe TX) you can use either open cell or closed cell as cavity fill in that stackup. The vapor barrier on the polyiso layer eliminates all moisture diffusion from the exterior toward the interior, and the OSB has to dry toward the exterior.
Vapor barriers -- or, more accurately, vapor diffusion retarders -- are used to reduce the rate at which water vapor can move through building materials. The rate at which water vapor transfers through, or permeates, a material is known as the permeability rating and is described in perms (1.0 US perm = 1.0 grain of water vapor/square-foot/hour ...
or insulating sheathing, and under siding or other exterior covering. When installed with joints taped with BILD-R-TAPE ® construction tape, PINKWRAP Housewrap creates a protective barrier against air infiltration and unwanted liquid moisture. In addition to sealing out air, PINKWRAP® Housewrap is designed to allow damaging water vapor

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It may be installed exposed to the interior without a thermal barrier in many applications. Because of its improved fire performance, this sheathing insulation is appropriate for hourly rated assemblies. FEATURES: High and long-term R-value enhances thermal efficiency and reduces energy cost.
Sealing the foam at the seams with plastic tape creates a vapor and an air barrier. plastic tape 3/4” hard foam insulation R-4 to R-8 outside sheathing (1/2” exterior plywood 3/4” hard foam insulation R-4 to R-8 batt insulation R-15 ceiling joist 2x6” ceiling joist rim 2x6” double top plate 2x6” outside sheathing (1/2” exterior ...