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Harley VIN Model Year Designations Prior to 1970 the model year appeared in the last 2 digits of the Harley VIN. From 1970 to 1980 Harley used an alphanumeric year code.

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In the Honda shop manual for the idle relearn it mentions to recheck ignition timing in step 5. My question is does it really throw the timing off if the idle screw is turned? I had to slightly turn mine to get it to spec but don't have a timing light

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So I looked up some possible reasons, found the "Relearn Process". I followed the directions from a YouTube video I found, but it did not change the idle and I have no idea what else to do.

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the dealer should have the tools to isolate problem.There is probably a short somewhere.The person that changed the battery might have disturbed some wiring somewhere.Check wiring near battery.There is a procedure called an idle relearn that is done after replacement of idle air control motor.The tach bouncing all around....may be a problem with the crankshaft position sensor or circuit.Would need to hook up scan tool and look at rpm on scan tool.If varying bad would have to trouble-shoot ...

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Purchasing an ECU refresh solution is not an option for FR-S/BRZ owners. Instead, it should be considered a requirement. In fact, it should be the first performance part purchased for the vehicle. The reason is simple. No significant power gains can be realized on the FR-S/BRZ platform with the factory ECU programming in place.
2011 Dodge Avenger 2.4L Moving to correct section.
idle relearn procedure idle relearn procedure for what??? can you explain what happened, did the idle just act up or did you work on engine, and can you tell me what year,make and model this is and ...
Function An idle relearn procedure is a way to reprogram the vehicle's computer memory to idle at a specified RPM, or revolutions per minute. Without the programmed idle, the vehicle can run arbitrarily, resulting in unnecessary engine wear.
Rough idle disappeared. Week later check battery was 12.1 volts at terminals with voltmeter. Went to dealer, Battery etc was okay . They reset tire pressure relearn, told temperature would correct itself. Fuel filter was back at 100%. Had to leave to go to meeting drove, 190 miles. 2 days later checked, rough idle back.

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In this video, I show how to do an idle relearn (learn) on an older Honda. It is very easy and should be done anytime work is done on a Honda such as...
Every modern volkswagen I have driven (which is quite a few) will maintain a constant idle despite the a/c compressor kicking on and off. That's the advantage of an electronic throttle body, it can anticipate the situation and bump up the idle as the compressor starts up.